the first days of summer

I just sorted out the mess that is my desk, because days of drawing results in so much stuff there, even when you have quite a big desk. So the notebooks, pens, pencils and paint have ben put aside, and now it’s just me, my laptop and a bunch of pictures, which I got developed a few days ago, and wanted to put in this blogpost. This freedom after the final highschool exams still feels so surreel sometimes, I mean, I still make to-do lists for myself, but instead of school subjects they are now filled with fun stuff I wanted to do for a while. I’ve been so busy with illustrating, animating, taking pictures, and writing every now and then, that the days seem to go by so fast, before I even noticed, already two weeks of the big vacation have passed.

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Everything, Eventually, Will End

We’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna die’ the sound of the soft voice of Sufjan Stevens fills my ears while I am on my way home. I just visited my 94-year old friend, living in a nursing home in a village close to mine, whom I’ve known since Christmas last year. She often tells me about her memories, about her job in an office, her colleague who always took her work with him to the boss, but after a while gladly got fired, her brothers and sisters, who took dancing classes, and sometimes secretly danced in the hallway of her home, the many pets she had, and her mother, with who she was very close.

And always she mentions Amsterdam, where she lived the biggest part of her life. I tell her that I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow, where I will catch up with a friend of mine. ‘My family lives in Amsterdam, but they are all dead’ she answers me.

It must be an odd feeling, to be only witness left of passed days

Originally published on: January 23, 2018



While I was avoiding my homework, I discovered a scanner app, which resulted in a lot of joy and some scanned drawings from the past few months.

This collection contains: an old lady, portraits, a couple, a cat, and a history note.

(The drawings were made with a pencil brush, black aquarel and indian ink.)

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Hello English people!

Hello World! I mostly write in Dutch, but for my pals who can’t read Dutch I tried my best to translate some articles. I won’t translate everything, because sometimes I just write about Dutch books or podcasts, so it wouldn’t be interesting to read. Anyways, I’m glad you’ve made it here, let me know what you think!