the first days of summer

I just sorted out the mess that is my desk, because days of drawing results in so much stuff there, even when you have quite a big desk. So the notebooks, pens, pencils and paint have ben put aside, and now it’s just me, my laptop and a bunch of pictures, which I got developed a few days ago, and wanted to put in this blogpost. This freedom after the final highschool exams still feels so surreel sometimes, I mean, I still make to-do lists for myself, but instead of school subjects they are now filled with fun stuff I wanted to do for a while. I’ve been so busy with illustrating, animating, taking pictures, and writing every now and then, that the days seem to go by so fast, before I even noticed, already two weeks of the big vacation have passed.

To get to the point of this blogpost, I got some pictures developed and yesterday I picked them up. After I got my camera repaired, all the light leaks have dissapeared and I am so happy about that. I shot Kodak Gold for the first time this time, and I think the pictures turned out lovely.

Technical information: shooting with a Praktica LTL3 with a selftimer, used Kodak Gold ISO 200, some pictures are cropped a bit (to hide the mess that is my room) and some I made a bit warmer.

Starting with one of my favorites, this one I made in the hallway, I thought you would not see me, but only my arm, which didn’t turn out that way. Something you can’t always foresee when shooting film on a self-timer, but I like the outcome.

I bought this mirror at a thrift store for only four euros and fifty cents, and I digged experimenting with reflections and mirrors so much!

Pictures I made on a solo-bike trip to nature.

Last pictures of a day with my friend. We went to ‘de Veluwe’ quite close to where we live. In the afternoon it began raining, so we were soaking from the water when we came to the photography store to deliver my film for development. After, we decided to go for nacho’s and mint tea, to warm up a bit.

Curious to know what you think of the photography series!